This Is Just A Test



18 responses to “This Is Just A Test

  1. Oh my dear, that really is extraordinary. Our fixations and expressions are so alike. (just fix the letter to make it a very tall N…all will be well!)

  2. Gorgeous. Isn’t this all a test… Indeed.

  3. Isn’t life just a game in which the object of the game is to figure out the rules long enough before it’s over so you have time to
    enjoy the game?

  4. The daughter person figures large, a clear reflection maybe? Poignant. Remember to fill in the bubbles on the answer sheet. Really clearly. At least the answers are multiple choice!

  5. Wow! Brilliant and beautiful.

  6. beauteous! i cannot wait to see and touch this book in person ~ such a lovely culmination of your first photography class during your first semester at Smith (!) and record of your first Thanksgiving in Northampton with your wonderful children. kudos, my dear friend! xo

  7. Who do the faces belong to?

  8. uber bomb…

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