My daughter, Victoria Accardi, had the opening for her show, Sicula: A Cultural Retrospective Through Portraiture this past weekend. The series of portraits explore her upbringing in the American-Sicilian culture of her father, (Sicula is an Italian word that denotes a quality of ‘Sicilian-ness’). The intersection of those cultures with the sensuality and iconography of  typical American-Sicilian foods were not only visually represented in the paintings, but in the opening party as well. She and I spent a couple of days preparing all of the food, and I got to work on a traditional Sicilian Cassata, (actually, Cassate – we made two – they are elaborate cakes traditionally served at weddings in Sicily – epically delicious.) in the weeks proceeding when I could fit some of the steps into my schedule. We then assembled and decorated them together.  One of her brothers made Caponata. We also made Pesto alla Trapanese, and an array of crostini: roasted tomato and goat cheese, fresh pea and mint spread with ricotta, and sauteéd zucchini with parmigiana. It was quite a feast.

Although you can no longer sample the food, the show will be up in Blum Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine until Sunday, June 1st if you find yourself in that beautiful spot of the world.

This summer, also in heavenly Bar Harbor, she will be running art intensive portfolio developments for teenagers. An opportunity for burgeoning artists to develop their skill and begin creating or refining their portfolios of work. To find out more: Atlantic Fine Art Intensive

In the meantime here are some images from the opening, and of her work. Click on the first image of my son Marco holding an octopus to scroll through:



16 responses to “Sicula

  1. LOVE this whole post. And all of the art work. She is a wonderful painter.

  2. Good for her!

    The food sounds great also.

  3. These paintings are amazing! Congratulations young lady — congratulations proud mama! And that food — do I have to say it? — I wish I could just dive right into the photograph. What a talented family! Thanks for sharing these Jessica — continued success to your daughter — wow!

  4. Beautiful – all of you, the food, the paintings – just exquisite!!

  5. Victoria’s focused theme through the work is wonderful…so that is what she has been up to! I love that the work actually gives a sense of logic to the opening itself and vice versa…Oh that every opening could have this sort of beautiful internal logic….

  6. I loved the theme as well. So earnest and fun at the same time. Also so life-like and yet not; perfect in portraiture, in my mind.

  7. Looks amazing. the best of both cutures. All the best with it.

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