Oh Starling, Oh Darling

A thousand birds of black paper, pasted with glue,
Each wing sprung free carries thoughts of you.
November is wasted in rain and gloom,
My heart was poised to face uncertain doom.
Lo, the murmuration snaps back!
There in the soaring is all that I lack.
December, December, a rest! oh my darling!
Fly to me true, my own sweetest starling.

*Paper-cut book, adhesive bound, 2014, Jessica Ryan

9 responses to “Oh Starling, Oh Darling

  1. jessica

    your book project looks great!
    congratulations, tony

  2. excellent book idea, finish it! Reminds me of Masereel’s wood block work (the sun, the idea, and story without words in one volume from Dover) The starlings, ‘round here anyway, are herd beasts, they don’t soar, they commute…where to, I haven’t the slightest.

    • Oh yes, I’ve seen an original of Masereel’s DIe Sonne: a beautiful and powerful book.
      I don’t know where the starlings go, but I loved this animation of the flight of two honey buzzards-
      It’s kind of sweet. Thank you for your comments. My book is done. As it is all made by hand, that is as finished as I could make it given my skill set- haha

  3. pick up the pen it wont bite you

  4. That’s a great vid. Tough birds: they eat wasps and mimic colors of meaner species in their neighborhoods to get by. Of their gentler natures, they mate for life and share childrearing.
    Have you watched this vid, it was inspired by “the idea” it could inspire you to animate your book which is a lot easier these days.

    • Wow. That was quite extraordinary. The timelessness is devastatingly depressing. But it is amazing how much can be communicated with so little. And the music?! That was really quite something. Thank you.

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