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Prepare You Victuals


Sweetness kindled
Push my heart
Prepare you victuals
Prepare you tart
Untwist the riddle
of the lame-wing’s dart
Let us meet in the middle
For to make a start

Romanitas Chocolatitas

“The classic as model and the present as sensation.”
-Vincent Scully, Modern Architecture and Other Essays (91)


With romanitas, as Scully said-
the gravity of Rome,
mansarded with the sweetest red
atop a chocolate loam.
No fantasy of Piranesi
inspiring or rich,
ever went down quite so easy
nor baked without a hitch.

JA/2013 – Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze, baked for the occasion of Noah’s towering achievement.

Fallen Scout

Why would one make a Girl Scout Samoa?
A group I was thrown out of, maybe I told ya?
Reprobate at heart
They were clued-in from the start
By my resistance to green polyester
And a preference to shy self-sequester.

Badge one for the cookie was easily had,
Badge two melting caramel wasn’t so bad,
Toast your coconut nicely for badge number three
Burn your fingers on chocolate if you do it like me.
Put it all together for badge number four,
Then share them with friends who wish you’d made more.

Why would one make a Girl Scout Samoa?
The leader of my troop could not have been colder.
So the badges I have were hand-made on my own,
Needle and thread to my heart they were sown.
But now that I am decidedly older,
I thank you sashed lady green soldiers:
Abandonment, it would seem, makes self-sufficiency bolder.

JA/2013 Photos of cookies taken by Donna Golden, cookies made by us both. With love.


DSCI0010Slayed by a look,
a scolding glance.
I will defend-

I never forsook
a delicious chance
taken to the end.

I wouldn’t brook
the chocolate tempest
its pretend.

Half crazed,
it’s you; you that I crave.


DSCI0026Chocolate cupcakes with espresso Swiss meringue butter-cream

proper music for baking…


Primitive Urges

print by Marco Accardi (made at age 8)

I was all set to get through my history pre req this first summer session with Western Civ, but it was cancelled at the last minute. The choices were slim for the evening classes so I enrolled in Art Appreciation.

It’s an art through the ages intensive, but all in all there are worse ways to spend ones evenings than looking at beautiful works of art. In our first class we contemplated the possible reasons for Paleolithic and Neolithic cave paintings. I saw an interesting documentary years ago, (read: I cannot remember the name of it) that suggested a lot of the art was hallucinogenic-ally  generated. They went to Africa to talk to Bushmen whom at least had memories of  relatives in similar ceremonies producing very similar images: Dots, or spotting that one might experience while on drugs, grid lines, hand prints (babies and people tripping seem to love their own hands).

I read The Story of Art to my children by E.H. Grombich a couple of years back, and it is a wonderful art history book (his book A Little History of the World is also excellent for the under 10 crowd). He didn’t discuss the hallucinogens, but he had a lovely attitude concerning art’s evolution. In his interpretation art does not “improve” or get better, it simply changes and builds upon former ages and techniques. The only problem with the book was that I got it used from Amazon and its previous owner had obviously been a smoker. Now, whenever I look at art, I feel as though I ought to be holding a cigarette.

Sister Wendy also does a wonderful job of presenting art to the masses. Every time I think of her I hear her saying, “Mr. Degas, I don’t think I like you.” Oh my, she is sweet. Simon Schama is another good art/historian documentarian and writer. Last summer I read the first half of his hulking  Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution (I harbor high hopes of finishing it this summer), his attention to artist Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun’s influence on the softening attitudes of the hoi polloi towards Marie Antoinette (and the emerging age of Romanticism) were very interesting (alas, poor Marie, too little too late- c’est la vie).

I did not mention the drug induced painting theory in class- don’t want to make the wrong impression; but then when I got home and read the text, there it was- already a well accepted theory. Now if I can just manage to stay alert after 8 pm I may be okay- I just have to remember to bring a supply of my drug of choice: chocolate.

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