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Kicks and Starts

IMG_0978My shoe is in a sorry state
Inclement times have altered the gait.
The heel worn down and smoothed,
Careens and jerks: the awkward proved.

The seams and creases have exposed
A scarlet sock peeking through my toes.
The inner soul won’t stay put
Bunching ceaselessly about my foot.

The long miles took their due
But I wonder, if I asked,

Would you want it?
If I gave it to you?

– JR/2013

I am run away

IMG_0808Awakened this morning by the Wind of My Soul,
leaped out of bed,
away from the sleep that you stole.
The words in my head
left over from the dreams in my bed,

What is this
What is this

Cold air laps against my skin,
(it’s important not to think as the walk begins)
my movement a hymn, harmonizing the pieces of the day
as always, defined and trimmed
not by what is,
but by what’s been.

What is this
What is this

An ecstasy of anxiety
my breath: piano forte.
The staccato steps say, I am run away
to find a melody esprit
And this,
this is where I let my music take me.

Heart at my tongue, tirelessly sung

That most folks misunderstand one common state:
The flip side of love is indifference, not hate.

-David Rakoff, Love Dishonor Marry Die Cherish Perish A Novel (103)


Clementines, lithograph by Victoria Accardi 2009

A friend of mine, so young and so dear
Lent me a book a little queer.
Written in rhyme, the two of us mused
Left us feeling somewhat bemused
With our minds caught in quite a mess
Of unruly and permanent rhyming redress.

David Rakoff on his deathbed wrote
A book of some considerable note.
Love Dishonor Marry Die Cherish Perish A Novel
Will leave one with kvetch or kvell.
Life’s bitterness is nothing new
But the rare lilt of a rhyme adds to what’s really an adieu.

Okay, like mine, the rhyme sometimes falls flat
But the author’s just dead- I can’t be that much of a twat.
Even still the rueful humor will ensue
And I feel duty bound to give it its due.
All that is true
And all we go through,
It’s our stories that remain
Whether told in fun or unbearable pain
The truth of our lives here on this earth
Is our shared saga, and an earnest desire for innocent mirth.

Except for instructions he’d underscored twice
Just two words in length, and those words were,
“Be nice!” (77)

your silence: A Search Engine Dithyramb


Of all the things bringing one to me,
your silence, is a search query.
Arresting breath
your silence death.
What gods have made this site their pick
for words whose power cuts the quick?
Search Engines, the chorus sings, are not Seer!
Too bad, since these words too brought another here:
I love you so very very very very very very very very very very very very very
Not for me, (my knowing heart erupts)
alone, lips dry on Bacchus’ cup.
In his ear my silence lingers,
an interloper thusly fingered.
With indifference he did veer
and even that surrender is dear.
Just fool enough for others’ words to parry
that which his errant quest made my heart wary.