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Truth of Ho

"Eve"- oil clay by Victoria Accardi

Sometimes I come across a group or order of words that strike me as particularly funny or apt. The “truth of Ho” was a little gem from my statistics textbook (for anyone whose memory is being jogged, yes- Ho and Ha hypothesizes).

What is the truth of Ho? As I see it, it is the constant battle we are all engaged in with regard to the pressure to sell ourselves. Some sell their bodies but most sell out our inner selves to serve some relative societal expectation. It’s a really rude awakening  when the schism between whom you present and who you truly are is exposed. When you have to deaden yourself to get through the day, why, it can make one feel something like a whore.

I watched The French Lieutenant’s Woman the other night and although I do love Meryl Streep when it came to the quasi eponymous line: “I am the French Lieutenant’s…WHORE!” I laughed out loud. Oh for God’s sake – what does that even mean? I suppose that’s the point of the book/film. The female is accused of being a whore when she is clearly not, while the male protagonist is busy selling his soul and future to his bitchy nitwit of a fiancé and a bourgeois ideal.

I find myself amused to distraction at how language is used in my statistics class. For instance- the null hypothesis: it is always assumed to be true. So, if the null hypothesis is not true, then the alternative hypothesis must be true. Still with me? Good, because here is the fun part – you can reject the null hypothesis or  fail to reject said hypothesis. Who said mathematicians are not philosophers? That takes some deep thinking: you don’t simply choose to accept the alternative hypothesis, rather, the choice is to reject or fail to reject. If that doesn’t sum up the majority of decisions made in a lifetime…

Eve -Victoria Accardi (bottom back view)